TMCon 2020
May 22 through May 25, 2020

TMCon is an annual LAN party that is hosted by the guild/clan HordeTM. All friends of the guild are invited.

Send Chase a text at (805)637-8451 if you're interested in attending.

TMCon runs Friday morning through Monday evening, and is a drop-in, drop-out event. You're welcome to come by at any time, grab some food and drinks, and play some video games and board games. You can bring your own PC or laptop, or we'll have stations ready for you.

This year, we have Halo: CE on original Xboxes (room vs room!), party games on Nintendo Switches, a dozen pre-staged gaming PCs with great LAN party games installed, a full VR room with the best virtual reality games, and sleeping areas for overnight guests.

We currently have over 15 out-of-state visitors coming in to attend, along with a few dozen locals.

Wifi: TMCon 2020

Address: 22916 108th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98031
Hours: 24/7